• Design

    After 15 years as a dentist, Dr Yavini Naidoo has launched a new dental practice at Victory Park Shopping Centre, inspired by the natural serenity of the surrounding Delta Park wetlands. 

  • Space

    Airy and light-filled, the Delta Dental Care space has been thoughtfully designed and put together to optimise treatment in a convenient, comfortable and aesthetic location

  • Idea

    The underlying idea is to provide access to a relaxed yet cutting-edge dental treatment facility that makes you feel at ease, and makes your visit as efficient and convenient as possible.

Delta Park Wetlands

Delta Dental Care – Design Principle

Delta Dental Care wood logo
  • Ethos

    Our treament ethos is simple. We embrace current trends and research in dental innovation and thinking, providing a comprehensive, holistic approach that focuses on daily lifestyle choices, habitual body stresses, and aesthetics.

  • Children

    At Delta Dental we also love children. We aim to create a manageable, educational, possibly even fun experience for kids. While regular preventative family visits are most beneficial, we work patiently with children in need of treatment, progressing at their pace.

Relaxed child-friendly atmosphere

kids dentist