Delta Dental Care Dr Yavini Naidoo

There are a surprising number of people who consciously (or unconsciously) suffer with symptoms from chronic grinding and clenching. Identifying signs of tooth wear associated with TMJ disorder can often lead to a diagnosis and successful treatment of other related symptoms. These include facial pain and neck stiffness, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), etc.

At Delta Dental we work closely with our patients to establish basic protocols that aim to address habits and deal with the problem at its root. Our initial phase seeks to make patients aware of head and neck postures and body tension; next we may introduce a bite plate, and lastly, we aim to restore the functional and aesthetic anatomy of the teeth.    

We always work at the patients pace, never rushing into complex dental treatment before sufficient biomechanical and habitual shifts have taken place. This sometimes requires a phased treatment approach and  input from other practitioners (physiotherapist and/or alexander) to establish a comprehensive treatment plan.